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Reminiscent of neighbours gathering on shaded verandahs at the end of a summer day with cooling breezes off East Lake bringing in aromas of the cherry trees dotting the countryside, this scent is an enchanting blend of fresh evergreens and fruits

Cooling camphor, airy ozone, and a hint of citrus initially emerge, as middle notes of deep red berry and cherry blossom balance the woody pine and juniper notes

Note Profile
top Ozone, Camphor, Citrus
middle Pine, Red Currant, Berry, Pear, Cherry Blossom
base Juniper, Sage

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including, eucalyptus, fir needle, cedar leaf, lemon, clove leaf + galbanum

Available in three sizes: 26 oz | 10 oz | 3 oz

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